Pegase 50 or 60 ??? Please help :-)

  1. Hi LV Lovers,

    I would like to buy a LV Pegase and saw today the Pegase 50. But it really looks small. Im not sure if I can take clothing in it for 2-3 days + beautythings.

    But the important questionis - are they both "legal" to carry on? who has experienced carrying on the 60 or not?

    The 60 looks really perfekt. But it should be legal to carry on.

    What would you buy ????

    THANKS !

  2. I would choose the 50. Even though I think there are some airlines who would take the 60 in, it just looks so big especially when filled that sometimes they would refuse to let you carry on inside the cabin. GoodLVck!!!
  3. 60 has to be checked I was told, so that means 50 can go on. The 50 is too small, so I would stick with the 60. Great choice, I cannot wait to get mine one day! I just want it for my collection, could carealess if i use it or not, I wouln't check any LV, I trust no one!
  4. I have both... last month I was on a business trip, flying first class and they woulden't let me carry it on b/c it was 3 inches too big!!! I thought they might let is go b/c I was first class, they are getting strict, so stick with the 50 it is allowed, but always check before you take it!! I had to check the 60, but it came out alright... only a few scuffs they I was able to take off with magic eraser!!!
  5. thanks for your answers.

    What do you think. Is the 50 more functional than the 60??? I mean... do you like the 50 for business trips or maybe weekendtrips? At the moment I think it would be the best to buy the 50.


  6. I would go for the 50 and possibly get a Carryall?
  7. 50! It's the largest 'legal' size for travel include international, and it gives you more room to pack :yes: It used to be 60 last year I checked, but they've actually shrink it to 45 linear inches, so maybe in 50 is pushing it :wtf:
  8. go with the 60!