Peeling on the Emilie Damier Ebene

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  1. Hi everyone. I have been looking at the Emilie Damier Ebene wallet. I've read lots of negative feedback regarding the Emilie... the side peels off? For those who have an Emilie Damier Ebene, could you please respond regarding the quality of the wallet.... Does it peel due to wear and tear?

    Pls confirm if the peeling is only on the monogram Emilie... I really love the wallet but I am thrown back because of all the negative feedbacks on it. :sad:
  2. I used to have the emilie azur and i loved it. But the sides, yes it does peel but i will say split more. Due to the design the flap is glued and sewn with the rest of the wallet so when you open and close the two pieces canvas will split down the side. Probably about .05cm wih mine. I returned mine because i coudnt live with it but i am thinking of repurchasing it because i love it in azur and it is so slim compared to the zippy which i have.

    Fyi, my mum and sis both have an emilie and they love theirs. I will say if u can live with the split then buy. At the end of the day vuitton will reglaze for you so dont worry about it.
  3. Any pics of the peeling?
  4. This is my mum's. The first pic is the split on the left, the second no split on the right. The final pic is to show you the two canvas are sewn together as well so the wallet shouldnt fall apart because of the split.
    image-1189235101.jpg image-1868017076.jpg image-3314997777.jpg
  5. Thanks for the pictures KaKa28.

    I must be blind though because I can't see where the defects are.

    Also, the peeling, is it more prominent in monogram than in Damier ?
  6. Only the first pic has the split because the other side is fine. Can you see the dark thick line on the side of the wallet where my thumb is (first pic)?? That is the split where the two pieces canvas are glued and sewn together. If you compare the first pic and the second, you can see the second pic does not have a thick line on the side of the wallet.

    Umm... I will say the peeling is equal across mono and damier or azur. The peeling happens when the two canvas split and the excess glaze come off as a result. But I really cannot remember having to pick them off. In my experience there were little or no peeling at all on mine. It was only the split. If you are interested try to buy it in store so you can pick the best one with no defects already. But do remember overtime, a short time, the sides will split.

    Have you looked at this wallet on YouTube? There are some very good videos.
  7. I am having peeling problem too and also wrinkle front pocket.