Pedro Garcia flats?

  1. How do they run tts? Also if anyone is a Uk 7 or 7.5 can they tell me what european size that is because I have no clue lol. Also what do you think of the shoe, to me they resemble the lanvin satin ballet flats which are well out of my price range so I thought these were a good substitute. Also if you own any pedro garcia flats are they hard wearing and comfy? thanks x

    EDIT: heres the link to the flats
  2. I have the ruffle flats and I went up 1/2 a size, but didn't really need to. Because they are satin and flats, I've scuffed up the heels pretty good and don't wear them a ton any longer. They're fairly comfy, though
  3. thanks xx any other insights?
  4. I was thinking about buying a pair of Pedro Garcia flats, and did some research. From what I found they're true to size and are really comfy. I didn't end up getting them, so sorry I can't tell you any more.
  5. anyone know where i can still get the ruffle pedro garcia satin flats? i think they're beautiful and wanted them in the mushroom-ish color (fossil i think) but Saks seems to be the only online place i can find that carried them and they're sold out. anyone seen them in person or online anywhere still? TIA!
  6. I bought the satin ballet flats and returned them because they were so hard. I knew they'd end up causing me problems but they would definitely be harder wearing that Lanvin which really need a rubber sole before wearing them....personally I'd rather stick with Lanvin that I can wear straightaway.

    UK 7 is European 40
  7. i have two pairs of the flats and went 1/2 size up on both because the satin fabric doesn't stretch. i don't like to wear them because they are not really comfortable. feels like walking with cardboard on. :sad:
  8. I think they run TTS.