peddler's village lahaska, pa outlet?

  1. has anyone been to the coach outlet in peddler's village in lahaska, pa?
    does it carry a lot of signature items or legacy bags?
    is it large?
    good selection?
  2. It is not a Signature Outlet. It is a small store but it has a good selection from time to time.
  3. I've gotten a couple of wallets here. I have also picked up a lovely bag for my mother here.
  4. was just there on sunday.. they had 4 legacy bags 3 mandys in whiskey, $459 and $20% off came to $367 and a Legacy flap in whiskey too that was $400 something and 20% off too, tons of small bleeker signature flap bags #11441 for $119 and 20% off more. Alot of store transfers were there ( not marked with "O" ) worth a trip to check out what they have if u r in the market for a new bag :tup:
  5. ^^^ hmm, thanks lauraj!
    trying to plan a trip...