PCE Shopping Trip Seattle Area?

  1. Does anyone in the Seattle / Everett / Lynnwood area of Washington State have a PCE card that they would like to share for a shopping trip? I have to be in Seattle for a class in the morning on 12/8 anyways, so I thought maybe I could hook up with someone with a PCE card for a shopping trip in the afternoon. Maybe a couple of us could get together to do it. That would be fun. Anyone?
  2. I live like 4 hrs from Seattle...but I won't be able to go up there next week at all...
    If you feel like coming down to Portland though, let me know! I'm probably going next Thursday.
  3. LOL. I was just in Portland the first weekend of November! Shopping trip to Powells Bookstore. I :heart: Powells!
  4. Me too! hehe...yeah I live in Corvallis and work in Salem, so it's hard to just go up to Seattle...but really let me know if you want to share my discount! :smile:
  5. I sent you a PM.