PCE regrets?

No regrets. If anything I just have regrets that I bought WAY too much. I have buyer's remorse for the 2nd bag I bought, but I can't part with it because 1) it's just too dang cute & 2) it was 25% off, so it was too good of a deal to return. :P
Or maybe something you regret buying with your PCE.....

Kallison, wanna chime in on this one?:lol:
no fair! cheap shot!!!

but, honestly...i get too excited over coupons and tend to buy what i don't love- just because it's on sale. it's a bad habit of mine.

but i don't regret buying the hippie. or the mia satchel. or the legacy satchel...because, if i hadn't, i would always be thinking one of them would have been "the" purse to make me happy...you know?

i do, however, regret not getting something semi-practical. like the gloves i wanted...or even a mini skinny that i KNOW i would use.
I regret not ordering the pink lurex madison mini skinny and silver/pond 1/2" bangle before they were sold out in the stores. Should've got a pair of sunglasses and a wallet for my boyfriend with my 25% too.
Well I regretted buying my white legacy shoulder bag & as most of you know by now I returned it so I am guiltfree. But I did want to get the legacy stripe scarf & blue signature scarf but bf wanted to leave ASAP...As*hole! LOL! Oh well more money to spent at the outlet this weekend.
I regret not buying the black Stacie embossed signature leather loafers during the *previous* PCE, as they did not have my size this time around. **sniff**
I regret not getting the legacy striped framed wallet (not sure if that is the proper name) a gift for my best friend and a few charms for my bag. I hope to find them at the outlet after christmas.

Nope...send it to my stepmom in order to maintain my spending hiatus...and little sis says stepmom DID go to the store and purchase something from my list using my PCE....so no regrets! Just hope she bought EVERYTHING on my list!!!!!!
I really wanted to get my hands on the striped muffler; I did end up buying the beret again (yes, I am so indecisive) so it would have been nice to have the scarf to match.