PCE purchase-me being bad

  1. Hello:

    I thought I was doing good for a while. Last week I didn't buy anything despite the PCE. Then, I found out that the PCE had been extended and most stores would include items in the new catalog. I went today and was bad-I ordered the Miranda satchel with the PCE. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera to take photos and I had to order it in the natural color, and exchange it later.

    I do have a question: the SAs are on commission? I ask because there are a couple of SAs that usually help me as I frequent one store. One guy in particular seems to seek me out and gave me a catalog of the new stuff a few days ago. Today, however, when I went in, he said hi and then went off to help someone else and was gone for quite a while. I would have waited for him, but another SA who I also talk to came up and really went out of her way to help me and answer some questions. She also placed the order for me. When we were at the register, I (could be wrong) had the feeling the original SA was a little put out since the bag I ordered is one of their more expensive bags.. What do you think?
  2. I don't think they work on commission. And congrats on your new bag....the Miranda satchel is gorgeous!!