PCE on orders from Legacy Boutique?

  1. Really I have two questions here-
    1) Does anyone know you can order Legacy Boutique exclusives via local boutiques?
    2) Do you think PCE can be used?

    I'm kind of lusting over the Leather Anna clutch.....
  2. I've ordered several items from the Legacy Boutique, including the Anna Clutch in Pink, LOVE Her! Since those items are Exclusive to the boutique, they will not allow PCE on Exclusives. The Anna is individually numbered and there are a couple of colors still available. Take the plunge, it's a nice clutch!

    Also, you can call the boutique directly to order from them, 1-877-262-2404. They've waived the shipping for all of my purchases.
  3. Thanks, coachgrl!! I'll let you know if I order it!