PCE in Canada or from Canada?

  1. Hi y'all. I saw some postings from tpf members in Toronto and Vancouver receiving & using their PCEs. Can someone explain how that works? :confused1:
    Do I have to shop in the States to receive the PCE? If yes, is it valid in Canada? If no, how do you use it? Over the phone and get Coach to ship them to you here? Any info much appreciated. Thx.
  2. No. Usually a representative from the Coach location you shop most at will call you personally. I get a phone call and they say if there is anything that I know I'm liking that they'd put it aside if I can come down that day or next.

    I forgot to add that I'm in Vancouver and that when I get a call I just go down to my Coach Boutique and just say I've got the phone call. :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info, Sheishollywood.
  4. Hi I'm also from Vancouver I have shopped at the outlets a lot in WA & made 2 purchaces at the boutique in Lynnwood. I just rec'd the PCE I quess for November I'm going down today to shop. I phoned the Coach store in Oakridge they will honor the PCE but they have not changed there prices on any of there bags & with the dollar it is way cheaper to go down the states . The border is letting you bring alot back for a day trip & even if you have to go in they are only charging you pst & gst.I'm excited about this PCE because the last one arrived while I was one vacation so I didn't get to use it.I'll post with my purchases tomorrow Good luck
  5. I received my December PCE card today. It runs from Dec 1 to Dec 9. Mailed from Coach in US.
  6. :smile: Early birthday present shopping for me! Ahaha, I was so happy when I recieved my first PCE in the mail yesterday.
  7. I just received a phone call and the card in the mail today! :smile: You ladies know what that means!

    Does anyone know if you can use the PCE card in the outlets too? I'm thinking of heading down to Vegas or something at the end of this month. :biggrin:
  8. Nope not in the outlets...
  9. The Canadian prices went down to EVEN with the US prices two days ago. So now, the price you see on the site is the price we pay! YAY! Great news for PCE! Oh...and I got my card yesterday too.
  10. my sis got a PCE card and i didnt! she only bought one swingpack on a trip to the US this yr! i bought like 3 bags! she is using to go to US and get same carly i jsut bought
  11. If anyone in Canada who is not going to use the PCE card, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate it!!!:tup:

    Is there anyone who can send it to me after using it? :drool:
  12. Ooooooo...it's the perfect time to have PCE!
  13. Thanks for the clarifications, gals. I hope to shop in the US soon and this will be a big incentive.

    Biggestbaglover, were you referring to the exchange rate and its impact on buying online at Coach.com? Or is this USD price = CAD price applied to all Coach stores in Canada too? If it is, that will be so awesome.
  14. To all you gals with the PCE, have a great shopping trip!~
  15. It actually is in the stores. They have lowered their prices and we are paying the same price that is reflected on the US site (ie: in the US stores) in our stores here. So for example, the Large signature Carly goes for $398 US. It used to be $460 CDN if you went into the store. Well now it is $398 CDN. It actually doesn't make sense for us to buy online(unless you are too far from a store) because the site is charging $22 for shipping to Canada plus you will be stuck with DHL brokerage fees and customs fees. If you are near a store, it is fantastic news because we won't be paying any mark-up. The price we see on the site is the price we will pay in the stores, only in CDN funds. Isn't this going to be a fabulous PCE for us?!!!!:tup: