PCE False Alarm

  1. So yesterday - I arrived home after a long workday and there it was, a card-shaped envelope with a Coach logo in the return address. :wlae:

    I took doggie out for a walkie, came back, made a cup of Paul Newman organic free-trade decaf, and sat down to bask in the glow of my first PCE card.

    Well - it was a lovely thank you from the SA for a purchase I made a few weeks ago. It was nice but it wasn't :wlae:
  2. LMAO i got a thank you card today as well, and i felt just like you! i was hoping it was my card!!
  3. my bf got his first thank you note and looked at me and said "why did they just send me this" and said well you bought me a scribble watch and it was pricy so they sent you a thank you to make you feel special and youll come back and he said "oh...well you do buy too much coach and i guess this is why"
  4. That's funny. Hope you get a PCE card.
  5. I did the same thing recently. I knew it was probably too early for the PCE card, but I couldn't imagine what else I got from Coach. It, too, was a thank you regarding a recent purchase.