PCE discount on Zoe or Sabrina??

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  1. Has anyone got to used their PCE discount on the Zoe or Sabrina collection?
  2. I ordered a small black Sabrina with my PCE yesterday and I am going back to order the espresso, I think, I got my card back because JAX was down because of the hurricane.
  3. Anyone else?
  4. I asked but was told no.
  5. ohh I want to know too- I want a Zoe
  6. I plan to order a Sabrina tomorrow.
  7. I tried to use it on the patchwork Zoe tonight and was denied!!
  8. I asked to use it on Zoe or Zoe accessories and they said no.
  9. :cursing: This makes me so mad.
  10. I asked on Zoe on Friday, they said absolutely not, but I could have gotten the wallet.
  11. I tried to order a Sabrina today and I was told no. It wasn't my usual store though I don't know if that would have made a difference.
  12. I was denied on all sabrina, zoe and everything else....
  13. I don't get that it's not listed as excluded, I had no problem getting it.
  14. Insane - the inconsistency is insane! I ordered the Patent Sabrina on Friday with no problems at all - in fact, when I walked in, my SA told me that she'd already checked to see if it was available for me! The Sm. Sabrina in leather and both the Lg. and Sm. in Patent Leather were all available on Friday and probably the Sig. as well, but I hadn't checked on that. The Lg. in regular leather was supposed to be available yesterday, but with the storm, it may have been delayed. The Ombre definitely was not available as of yesterday.
  15. I was extremely lucky to recieve the discount on the large Zoe.