Paypal wishing confirmation of counterfeit goods

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  1. Hello there ladies.... I wonder if anyone can help?

    I bought a purse on Buy It Now from ebay. The girl selling guaranteed its authenticity (bought from Bond St London, she said). I paid £200 (about $300 approx). After I had bought and paid for it, ebay removed the listing as counterfeit, so I waited for the purse to arrive and hoped for the best.... After 2 weeks, a poor fake arrived and I'm absolutely devastated. I have reported to Paypal but they are now wanting proof/confirmation that the item is not authentic. (The girl told me she cant give me a refund as she has spent the money, so tough!). I live in Inverness in Scotland and I'm hundreds of miles away from anywhere that could prove this not authentic. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I might do....? Many thanks in advance. I have 10 days to provide written confirmation.
  2. if it is one of the brands that she would authenticate. otherwise let us know the brand and someone will tell you who can authenticate it
  3. Hi there, many thanks for your reply. Its a Chanel. I have emailed caroldiva. Very grateful for your information.
  4. I would think since ebay took down the listing it would be on record it was fake. plus she doesnt have a choice, her balance will be neg. until she pays you
  5. Paypal are unfair with this as they know boutiques will not authenticate. A letter of non-authenticity is going to cost ££.
  6. ^ exactly. It will deducted from her account. Can't believe her response! how irritating.
  7. I'm having a similar issue but with a Wii remote. Paypal wants me to have it authenticated at a Nintendo store. There is no such place! The hoops are ridiculous.