Paypal - when does the money actually show up on my account?

  1. So, i've sold quite a few stuff, for a totale of around 350$. Now, i just called my bank, and none of it's come in. It's around 6 days for the first payment, 3 days for the second. On the paypal-site, it says

    Available Balance [​IMG]
    Euro (Primary):€0.00 EURU.S.
    Dollar:$344.67 USD
    Current Total in Euros:€247.90 EUR

    And obviously, i'm getting worried. And it has most def. been paid, i've shipped the stuff. so, now i'm wondering, could it be like that the money is only useful when i buy something on eBay, and i can use 344 $?
  2. You have to request to transfer it to your bank account, otherwise it just stays in your paypal account. The transfer to bank account probably takes about 3-4 business days.
  3. have you withdrawn the funds to your bank account?, if you don't tell it to the money will sit in your paypal account.
  4. snap
  5. As the others have said you've not actually transferred the money out of your Paypal account. For non-US users it takes 5-7 days, usually 7 days
  6. and how do i do that?
  7. There's a button on the front page that says withdraw, it'll walk you through it from there. You need to add your bank account and it'll show you how
  8. Thanks! I think i figured out how, you're all amazing darlings. I'll do it later today.. :heart:

    again, thank you very much, i got a little freaked out.
  9. No problem, it's all a learning curve :smile:
  10. yeah, embarrasing thing is that i've actually used paypal for quite sometime, but i think my dad took care of it last time? at least the money came in :lol:
  11. i don't think you can go far wrong with paypal, the site is all pretty self explanitory(sp?)
  12. The site IS pretty explanatory. As a rule, I always clean out my account (withdraw funds to me bank account) after every sale. Keeps things simple.
  13. And safe! Always look to be protecting yourself and your money