PayPal wants me to send fake bag back to seller!

  1. Well, I'm definitely not new to eBay, and I have gotten a few fakes as well. This time I purchased a fake LV Cherry Blossom (I was SO bummed out it was fake when I received it) and I filed a not as described complaint. The seller refused to refund my money. I also filed a chargeback with Amex.

    Now I just got an email from PayPal, saying the seller wants me to send back her fake bag. I have a problem with this because 1) the bag is fake and she will probably turn around and sell it to another unsuspecting person and 2) I'm in the US and I have to send it to her in Canada, and shipping will be extremely expensive since I will have to send it with tracking to prove that it indeed was sent.

    Do I have any alternatives to NOT sending back the bag at this time? Or am I stuck paying the postage for sending back this counterfeit?
  2. What did Amex say? I filed a chargeback with Amex on a fake bag and they were wonderful. Paypal isn't much help usually. :cursing:
  3. I had to send my fake Keepall and my fake LV shoes back to seller before I got my refund. It bothered me too because I know they will just pass it onto someone else.
  4. Yes, you need to send it back and pay return postage.
    Just like a Seller can't collect money and not send goods,
    as a Buyer, you can't have both the bag and the money.
    Watch for it to be re-listed and report it as counterfeit!

    If there is a next time, and hopefully there isn't, you should
    file with your credit card or PayPal, but not both at the same time.
    Lots of people file with PayPal first and then turn to their credit card
    if PayPal doesn't rule in their favor and get their money back for them.
  5. I can understand not getting to keep both, but I do remember one person on here that had to send their fake to PayPal itself rather than back to the seller. I had written authentication from Carol Diva and MyPoupette that my items were fake and still had to send it back paying the postage myself. In the case of the Keepall, the seller was so stupid she wanted to refund me just my buying costs but not my shipping cost. I informed her that I had to pay $30.00 return shipping and pay to have her mistake authenticated, so I just waited for PayPal to return the entire amount rather than keep going back and forth with her. I have not seen her relist the Keepall, but I am waiting for it to happen.
  6. what is the sellers name so I can avoid her?
  7. I called Amex, and they said they have no control over what the seller or PP is requesting, and that I have to mail the stupid fake bag back to the seller. I have not received a credit yet. They will probably not give me the credit until I mail it.
  8. Her eBay ID is princess090679.

    Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete. Thanks!
  9. The seller should refund the $$ for your return postage along with your refund for the bag. It was afterall fake, so why should you get stuck paying return postage???
  10. Nope, even in the case of fakes the buyer gets stuck paying the return shipping which ticks me off.
  11. wtf? i've heard that paypal asks the buyer to destroy the fake bags, but maybe that was only for international buyers because the laws are more stringent overseas? you should NOT have to pay for return shipping. make the seller pay! after all, she defrauded you into getting an item that wasn't as stated so why should you get stuck paying for return shipping? i'm sorry this happened to you!!
  12. It does suck. I had to pay to drive to LV (an hour and a half away) to be told it was fake, pay for a written authentication, and pay the $30.00 to ship the Keepall back. That's why it was interesting to me to read in someone else's claim that was posted on this forum that PayPal had her ship the fake to PayPal.
  13. wow... be sure and leave her nasty feedback, then maybe it can help someone else avoid the bag if they see the auction linked to your comment.
  14. remeber signiture confirmation. once you have the tracking number forward onto paypal.
  15. Now that you can use priority mail with tracking to Canada from the U.S. I would get the smallest possible priority mail box and shove that fake in it and send it priority tracking. I wouldn't worry about making it look good or getting creases. Just mail back the junk and get signature confirmation. I don't know what size bag you bought, but you should be able to do it all for $20-$30.