Paypal refund from seller after case closed? *LONG*

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  1. Hi all...
    Those of you from the LV forum may have heard about my incident, and before I continue I will make a short timeline going over some events before I ask my question.

    October 4th - paid for items on eBay
    October 6th - filed dispute, because seller was no longer a registered user on eBay and lost contact and I freaked out. Afterwards, she said she'd ship my items but never got around doing it...
    October 20th - escalated dispute to claim, by this time, seller has lost contact with me totally
    October 29th - seller never responded to Paypal, my claim was granted and I was credited $175 US
    Nov 6th - I called my CC company to try to cover the other $140 I was in loss of.
    Nov 23th - chargeback was initiated by Visa, I was credited the full amount of $315 so I had a $175 extra from Paypal
    Sometime in Jan - CC company called and said chargeback was declined because Paypal said they already credited me the $175 under the standard buyer protection. THe person I spoke with at Visa said "To recover the rest you'll have to actually go to the original merchant" (referring to the eBay seller...but we've lost contact way before I filed a chargeback)

    Recently...I was able to contact the seller again (many coincidences...) and she claims she sent a money order to Paypal for the full $315 to cover my purchase on November 22 after Paypal sent her an email telling her that in order to reinstate her account, she needs to send Paypal the money, and apparently she spoke with people from Paypal as well. (I have copies of the email and her money order receipt).

    I have received NOTHING else from Paypal...other than the $175 they credited me through their buyer I'm wondering, do they usually take that long to process a money order?
    Or, have they probably kept the $315 from the seller and since the case was closed and I was refunded some of my money (hence the chargeback was declined), they won't give me my money back?

    The thing is, I was notified that my chargeback was declined in early January...wouldn't the money order be processed by then...? If they received the funds, why are they refusing to give me my money back?

    The seller did not use her credit card because she didn't have enough credit on it, and I'm not sure why she didn't pay with her Bank account, but she did send me the receipt of the money order.

    Any help would be appreciated. I emailed Paypal a few days ago and haven't heard from them yet.
  2. I would call paypal and ask. You may only get there standard answer that they can not comment on others accounts.
  3. hmm... strange. I hope it resolves in your favour and you get all your money back! Hopefully that's not a fake MO receipt you have a copy of. Maybe if you can talk with someone live at Paypal it can be worked out. Either way - I'm still not really sure why you only got partial refund from Paypal buyer protection.. shouldn't you get ALL your money back? and maybe this is a lesson for us all that we should just do a credit card chargeback in these cases and not even bother with Paypal if all they can do for you is a partial refund?!
  4. omg....that's like 2 months and more to resolve something. I currently have a claim with paypal for $1025 and I DO NOT want to wait for 2mths to get my money back! arghhh!
  5. You only get up to the amount stated in the eBay auction; if on the auction it says "This item is eligible for coverage up to $2000", then I would've gotten all my money back but if not, then I only get the standard, which is $200 US - $25 processing fee.

    And it's not a lesson that we should just do a credit card chargeback...the CC company asks Paypal for the money back, not the eBay seller, so it comes out of Paypal's account. If the purchase was only under the standard buyer protection, they will still only refund you $175, so there is no difference.

    It's been three days now and still no response from PP. I hope they're actually looking into it and not just ignoring my emails. If I don't receive a response by Monday, I think I will give them a call and see what's going on.
  6. I think you should keep calling paypal, they need to give you an explanation. Tell her that you have copies that the seller sent you, and that this what paypal told her/ Explain it to them. The seller send the money, so paypal is that one that is not giving you the money! Jerks! Isn't their a number on the money order receipt, you can call, and asked when and if the money order was cashed.
  7. Yeah, I'm so thankful for serial numbers on money orders!!
  8. Oh sorry - I guess I got confused reading your post. I thought you were saying that you tried to do a chargeback for $315 and it got declined because you had already filed a Paypal claim and got $175. I've never had to file a Paypal claim before and never knew the standard buyer protection was so low at $175. I thought it was always at least $1,000, but you're the one going through it so obviously you'd know better.

    Well best of luck anyways and hope it all gets figured out so you don't have to deal with it anymore.
  9. Seems like the communication between companies is getting confused somewhere..My only advice right now is to call paypal and speak to a human and explain to them in detail, (stopping to ask if they understand so far) and explain to them that the ebay seller sent them a MO (give them the serial number if they want) and youre wondering how long it will take for them to give you the balance of your money. BTW, I hope you withdrew the $175 they previously credited you just incase they get confused and try to take that back.. GOOD LUCK