PayPal question

  1. A good friend of mine is selling me a bag but she lives in another province. Is there anyway to pay her through PayPal with out her getting charged the fees? Thanks
  2. Nope. You're using PayPal's services so they'll charge you for it.
  3. Ok thanks
  4. I thought if she does a bank draw paypal doesnt charge, as well, if you have the primary tier account you can take payment without fee, but she'll be forced to use a non-credit card payment.
  5. Only if she has a personal account will she not be charged fees. In that case though, you could not pay with a credit card as personal accounts do not accept credit card payments.
  6. Sorry but what is the differance between a personal account and a regular account? She is not a seller usually and has only used her account to purchase things before now. Thanks
  7. I just checked her account and she does have a personal account. So if I pay her with my bank account she won't get charged any fees?
  8. you can send e-check. paypal charges only $5 for any dollar amount.