Paypal limited access account!?!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am so pissed right now! Actually, i hate paypal! So this is what happened. I sold a bag to someone. I haven't used my paypal account in like 3 months. So I get this payment from the buyer's paypal account to my paypal account. Once I got the funds into my paypal account I EFT'd the funds to my bank of america account. All is well...

    Then, I get this stupid email from paypal stating they limited my account access. They cancelled my request to transfer my money to my checking account with bank of america. So I call Paypal and they tell me it's for security reasons. I am all about securing my account but here is the thing...:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    In order for them to lift my limitations on my paypal account they need an ID photo, a copy of a utility bill, my SSN#, a copy of my SSN card, confirmation of where I live by calling me on my landline, who I sold the bag to, how I am in relation to the person I sold the bag to, copies of the email in regards to the transaction, what i sold to the person, how much the vaule of the item was, ect....

    I feel That is way overboard just to verify that I am not a hacker. Aside from all that I don't feel comfortable giving paypal all this information. What if someone hacks into their database and gets and uses my information.

    Well, anyways I am so over with paypal. I just want to get my money and after that I'm gonna use bidpay! Thanks for listening to my rants!:crybaby:
  2. Good luck msorry you are going thru this. I know some sellers have opened new bank account to link to Paypal only.
  3. i would NOT give them your personal information. Call paypal and once you get someone on the phone tell them right away your want your call esculated and you want to speak to a manager...they will prob tell you they can get a supervisior but insist to speak to a manager and ask them WHY they limited your account.
  4. This happened to tons of people lately. Happened to me in December. I hate paypal. Sad thing is nothing I could provide them would appease them and they refused to release my funds. So I had to wait 6 months while they held my money! Just got it recently. I HATE paypal!
  5. I had that happen too. They wanted my info, including my supplier. I had to laugh at that one because my "supplier" was my ex-husband. The only thing that remedied the problem in the end was a copy of an email from the buyer who LOVED the bag. I no longer use paypal. Actually, I no longer use eBay either. I am so sick of them controlling everything. It isn't LEGAL for paypal to ask for ss#. The only people that can ask for that are banking institutions, and they are NOT. I would point this out to them...
  6. I've dealt with this situation twice. In both cases I had the withdrawal limit lifted via a $1.95 charge to one of my credit cards. When the code appeared on my online statement I submitted it to PayPal and that was the end of it. They'd earlier suggested I reveal my SS# to speed the process but I declined.

    PayPals' end goal is earned interest on monies held until withdrawal limits are lifted. The interest involved (when spread across what may number hundreds or even thousands of accounts at any given time) generates greater corporate profit.
  7. That's 100% absolute truth!
  8. Well, depending on the amounts and the type of PayPal account you have you are only allowed to w/draw I think $500.00 per month out of your account into your checking w/o having a ss# on file. That has been a long standing rule. You then have to upgrade to premier or business account in order to w/draw more than the $500.00 per month. I quit doing the transfers and requested a PayPal debit card so that I can just w/draw the money from an ATM and put cash in my bank. I opened up a completely seperate bank account to use for eBay purposes only and got one of those pre-paid credit cards where I have to put money on it through Western Union etc because I had my account get hacked before.
  9. And actually, PayPal is registered as a banking institution. They have to be in order to pay interest and offer some of the other offers they do.
  10. I had something kinda like that happen to me with paypal. They didnt ask for all that information, but they asked me to verify three things. I was able to do the first two just fine. But for some reason it was totally impossible for me to do the third, verify my phone number. Every times I tried to enter my number I would get a big exclamation point (!) saying I wasnt able to do that unless I was already verified. But I couldnt get verified again until I put in my number. It was totally crazy and I almost thru my computor out the window!! I couldnt call them because it was after midnight. When I finally did get thru to them they said everything was fine and fixed it some how! I was so mad...if everythhing was fine, why couldnt I use my account?

    What's with PayPal lately?!!​
  11. So many people stealing credit cards and bank accounts is the problem. Having been on the rec'ving end of identity fraud I am grateful that Ebay and PayPal are taking steps to stop this and if I have to take a little extra time to verify myself then I just do. You think it is a hassle to do this ID verification then wait until you spend a year trying to undo the damage someone has done with your bank account and credit cards.. it is a nightmare.
  12. Im sorry to hear that happened to you... I hope it all works out for you.
  13. Usually, they'll make you jump through all of these hoops and send them all of the things they request, then, they will ask you for receipts of the items you sold and the contact numbers of the vendors. Afterwards, when you call them to ask why you haven't gotten your limitation lifted, you will find out that the REAL reason they limited your account had NOTHING to do with those things they requested from you, but something random like how you used the same computer as another user that owes them money or something.
  14. Oh my that's so awful.
  15. It's about time they lifted the limitations. Now that I'm getting my money from them I kinda regretting I gave them all that personal information. What are the odds someone evil will get a hold of all this personal information they have?!