Paypal - Interesting Info

  1. This doesn't shock me with all the complaints you read about them here.
  2. thanks for the link! strange stuff.
  3. thanks to posting this important information
  4. These are some of the reasons I chose to close my Paypal account .
  5. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you do instead?
  6. I know they are so bad - but most of us to continue using as what other options are available to us?
  7. Wow! All kinds of stuff I had no idea about. eBay and Paypal are out of control, apparently. thanks for the link.
  8. Its an interesting site. Something are quite true, PayPal does mess up quite a bit. But I have to say that it does well for that many or more other people as well. There are two sides to the story. Thousands and thousands of people use paypal daily and are very happy. Its important to excersize caution.
  9. Definitley two sides to the story.... Paypal can be really helpful too.
  10. Interesting site - a bit scary too! :yes:
  11. Great question...what are the other options?
  12. Theres BidPay or something- thats basically the same thing. Then thers risking with Western Union and all that. Suddenly PayPal looks prettier.
  13. Thanks for that link!
    One of the things that has always annoyed me about PayPal are those extra screens you have to click and wait through just to pay for something with a credit card. I always assumed this is because PayPal, like anybody else, has to pay a fee for accepting credit cards, and presumed that it was cheaper, or free, for them if you use your bank account.
    But according to this site, it is also to help PayPal avoid consequences should you have your credit card company reverse a charge, which action PayPal will also hold against you, and can limit or end your account.
    So this introduces the question of whether it might be better, in the case of eBay sellers who are themselves set up to take credit cards, to make your purchase not only off eBay, but off PayPal!

    The downside is that those "regular people" eBay sellers, which is where we are more likely to find the best bargains, are not likely to be set up to take credit cards other than via eBay!

    So it is another case of "if they miss hitting you in the head on your way in, they will hit you in the butt on your way out!"
  14. Interesting and good to know. I will keep a close close eye on my accounts.
    While so many of these services can be so helpful there are down sides to them - for instance just the other week I lost over $2000 with a western union money transfer, they told me that someone else on the other side of the city picked it up without an ID and they wouldn't give it to me a day later when I was there, it's crazy and I hope they follow up with an investigation!

    Sometimes these services can get out of control.