PayPal holding my funds for 21 days???

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  1. Why do they do this? I just sold something yesterday...for $160. They "reviewed" my transaction and now they're holding it. :shrugs:

    How do I get this lifted?
  2. This is a relatively new precaution to protect both sellers and buyers. It's meant to b moreso for buyers though. I had this happen to me recently as a buyer, and the seller was V. annoyed that the funds were held -- unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it! They do it for a number of reasons - either you sell an item which has a high number of replia/fakes around, or the sale was over a certain amount, or your feedback isn't 100% or you're new, and haven't been a member for over 90 days.

    It will be lifted either a) when the buyer leaves you positive feedback or b) 21 days have passed and there has been no complaint.

    Hope that helps you -- but note from a buyers persepctive, the funds are already out of his/her account, and they won't know the funds are on hold, so bare that in mind that they have no control over it!

  3. In the cases where I've sold items, (PP is very complicated, and who really knows all of their reasonings for things, their policies, etc.) Paypal holds the buyer's funds until (1) 24 hours after the buyer leaves positive feedback, (2) I believe a couple days after the item is confirmed as delivered, or (3) 21 days have passed.
  4. The rule was established last fall. To get your money you have to show (via delivery or sig confirmation) that the item has been delivered (call PayFoe when you see it has), or the buyer has to leave positive feedback.
  5. I had the same problem and even though the buyer left positive feedback immediately and I shipped it immediately, they still held my money for 21 days. I dont think they have any real consistency!
  6. If your buyer leaves positive feedback or 3 days after the item is delivered they still are holding your funds, call them and they will release them.
  7. How would it be to a seller's advantage for PP to hold funds and if in fact it is, could you request that they hold them if you're concerned about an item you sold?
  8. I don't personally think it is to a seller's advantage, but that's what eBay state on their help pages.
    I found it quite irritating, as I bought a bag for $200 or so.. was charged a lousy exchange rate from £ to $ and then the seller went mad at *me* for the funds being held. Claimed they had no money to post the bag, and as of yet, it's yet to be resolved. I've paid and been refunded 3 times because this nutty seller thinks I'm deliberately holding the funds.
    Frustrating I tell you!
  9. i really hate this policy.... i just sold a chanel bag for $2500 and FUNDS HELD ! i am shipping the bag by EXPRESS MAIL today so hopefully i can call PP once it's delivered. this just opens another door for fraudulent buyers !!!! :cursing:
  10. OK, I sent the package out yesterday...and I uploaded the tracking number through PayPal. PayPal is supposed to send the buyer the tracking number. They should get their package tomorrow or Thursday.

    This fund holding thing is so dumb. The funds are IN my PayPal account...they are just "on hold".
  11. ^^Just make sure to call them if they don't release the funds when they're supposed to. In the past for me, they never did it themselves, I always had to call.
  12. Are they doing this to all sellers?
  13. PP did this to me as well. I got my positive feedbacks, I better go check & see if they released my $$.
  14. And what happens with those people who never bother leaving feedback? That's really frustrating, i have this happening at the moment for something that sold for £80, yet i've had hundreds go through no's a load of rubbish...:sad:
  15. If they don't leave feedback, you have to wait either 3 days after online delivery confirmation shows it was delivered, or the full 21 days.