Paypal Full Coverage Eligibility up to $2000????

  1. Hi,

    I just bought a fake bag and paid around $450 for it, i already filed dispute w/ paypal and about to send the bag to caroldiva. The seller is offering 50% refund, but I still insist for a full refund

    How do i know if the im eligible for full coverage up to $2000?? The seller meets all of the criteria, except for 1 thing that I don't know for sure..

    I know Seller has 56 feedbacks and all positive, she located in US, except for 1 she a verified premier/business member??

    How do I make sure that im eligible? Should I contact paypal first if im eligible for full coverage?

  2. Why would she offer only 50% if the bag is fake??? I would contact paypal via phone and dicuss your options.
  3. I agree with forenfinal, contact Paypal first to see what your options are. If the seller sent you an email saying they will refund you 50% of your money for a fake bag then i think you should even forward the email to paypal as it will be a sure proof that the seller knowingly sold you a fake bag.
  4. On the auction page itself on the top right hand side under the sellers information it will say protection coverage of either $200 or $500 or $2000.

    Do not accept a 50% refund. Escalate the claim straight away with paypal!
  5. totally agree, she practically came right out and admitted the bag was fake by offering you the 50% refund, paypal will surely side with you. good luck, sorry that happened.
  6. ONly accept 100% refund...BUT paypal is very slow in these matters...i got scammed in sept and i have not seen any cents of $350 yet...:cursing: case was closed and seller account have no money..i think the seller closed his account already
  7. Hi

    Here's the situation

    after the auction ended, she emailed me right away and gave me 2 choice : to continue transaction or cancel transaction, because she hasn't got the bag authenticated. So she's also not sure if the bag is auth. She told me that she always carry auth LV's and she got this bag from someone who work at LV store.

    It was kind of suspicious at first, but then I thought maybe she wants to cancel the transaction because the final bidding price is too low for her, maybe it's an excuse for her to relist the item.

    Then i requested more pics from her , and it looks fine to me, so I decided to continue the transaction. She has sold few auth bags and currently selling Gucci bags as well.

    After receiving the bag, I did not realize that it's fake until I decided to resell it on eBay (abt 3 weeks later) when one of concerned member email me about this bag. I emailed mypoupette right away and when it's confirmed to be a fake bag, I immediately ended my auction.

    At first, she did not want to refund the money because she told me that she was willing to cancel the transaction at the beginning and she warned me that the bag hasnt get authenticated yet!

    And her reason is that she gave 2 days refund policy in her listing, and it took me 3 weeks to contact her about it. She told me that she waited about a week and felt it's safe already because I have not emailed her anything.

    She also explain in her email that she also paid a lot of money for that fake bag and the only solution is to contact 2nd highest bidder????

    Well, I'm sure that she is fully aware that the bag is fake and she's just trying to cover her losses

    She only offer me 50% refund after I filed paypal dispute......

    On the bottom of the listing says up to $2000 protection, but then there's a "see eligibility" link
  8. There are a lot of caveats when it comes to the protection policy, such as what country you are in, how it was shipped, etc. I think paypal makes it vague on purpose. Hang in there and stick to your guns. I'm having a dispute on the other end of the deal with someone claiming my bag is fake. Let us know and keep us posted. I'm new here, but am already finding a lot of "tomodachi" here;)
  9. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but in this instance you will not be able to count on paypal, they won't do anything. You'll need to file a chargeback with your credit card in order to get your money back.