Paypal Dispute in a different language!

  1. I have a dispute about an international USPS package that hasn't been delivered since July 12th. The post office is doing some research to find it.

    The customer made a dispute in paypal, which is fine. She was putting in her dispute in English at first. Than she escalated to paypal and put in a bunch of notes in her native language. Can they do that?! :cursing: That is so unfair!

    What language do they speak in the Netherlands? Anyone willing to translate for me?
  2. That would be Dutch. I will try to help you if you put the text here, or PM it to me. My Dutch isn't perfect but it might suffice.
  3. WOW, that was fast! PM in a minute. THANKS!
  4. if you need more help, you can also go to and use the free translator - you put in the text you need translated and the to / from languages and hit the FREE TRANSLATE button.... hope that helps!
  5. I can also help you, I can read Dutch fluently.
  6. If you have MS Word on your computer you can also copy and paste into word and translate it. There is a translate function in word(at least there is in word '07)
  7. I can also give you a few choice words to send to the customer...
  8. THANKS EVERYONE - Her message was nothing to worry about and states she only wanted to make a claim on paypal because the time frame on paypal is shorter than the time it takes the post office to research the claim and find the package.

    Word 2007 translates! I have it but I didn't know... I will try that next time.