paypal Credit Cards debits? Confused

  1. I am very confused. I have always used my debit cards so i had to have the money in my account to be able to buy anything.. I would LOVE IT if paypal did credit cards like my american express because then I could buy something I REALLY WANT and be able to pay it off slowly which is dumb i know but i really would love this. Is the paypal credit card a thing that you use and can pay off?? i hate that debit card stuff thanks
  2. We have our Discover card loaded in our Paypal account and use it all the time. I don't know why you couldn't load a credit card into your account. I don't know if you can use American Express with Paypal though.
  3. and then you can pay off what you buy?
  4. Yes. The bill goes to Discover just like it would if you bought something in a store.

    We pay off our bill in full every month though. Credit card debt is an extremely slippery slope. I advise you to think long and hard before you buy something you can't really afford. Why don't you save some money every month and then pay cash for it when you can?
  5. yeah thats a good idea... I just work here and there and its been 4 months i havent worked.... I work commercial work.. The entertainment business is HARD haha
  6. Paypal takes American Express. I use mine through them all the time.
  7. I use my Amex on Paypal too (and my Visa). You can absolutely link to a credit card and use it. It will just show up on your regular credit card statement like any other charge.