PayPal - buyer filed a complaint!

  1. I am so upset right now. I sold a Dennis Basso shearling coat on ebay about 2 weeks ago. The coat is worth over $6500 and is very gently used. I was trying to sell it for $1000 BIN but towards end of my auction, a buyer was begging me in 4 separate emails to sell it to her for $700 because it was for her daughter's bday. So I conceded, trying to be nice.

    One week later, after receiving it, she decides she doesn't want it anymore and wants to return it! WTF? I told her that I don't take returns and that I did a favor for her by lowering the BIN $300! So she said she will send it back regardless and if I had a heart, I would refund her money back. I emailed back saying that I will refuse shipment because as stated in the auction, there are no returns.

    Today, I go in paypal to make a payment to a fellow forum member for a bag and find out that my paypal account is placed on hold because of a negative balance. Paypal basically is holding $730 for the complaint!

    I am soo upset and feel I did not do anything wrong. Why would paypal do this? She didn't even send back the coat! What would happen? :sad2: :mad:
  2. I would tell her to return it and give her a refund. Those complaints can take over a month to close. plus you can probably sell it for more the second time. paypal sucks anyway.
  3. I don't have any advice at the moment but be sure to call Paypal first thing in the morning and ask them what's going on.

    Tell them (paypal) that you specifically said no returns in your auction and that the buyer was just having buyer's remorse of whatever. You transferred the buyer's payment into your bank account right? If worse comes to worse, just close that paypal account.
  4. don't they have to have a returned item tracking number before they place a hold??
  5. Nope, they dont. What did they file, item not received or item not as described? If its item not received you're in the clear if you have a tracking #, their addy was confirmed and you sent it signature confirmation because it was over $250.

    If item not as described paypal will probably ask them to get a letter from a 3rd party outlining what eactly is wrong with the item. Which probably won't fly as there is nothing wrong with it.
  6. Thanks everyone. She filed a complaint saying item was not as described! So what is going to happen? I sold it to her in perfect condition and she could have probably done something to it. It sucks because i am an honest seller....
  7. What a nightmare. That makes me scared. So far my paypal experience has been good. But everytime i hear one of those stories i get really nervous.
  8. Save all your auction pics for one thing. Most likely paypal will have her get a statement on letterhead from a 3rd party such as a leather expert or tailor/seamstress. If she's lying, she may not want to go through all that work. Just be sure to send everything to paypal, they'll probably be requesting info. You should also call paypal as well, tell them she only filed the complain after contacting you about a return and she made no mention of it not be as desribed.
  9. You poor thing! What an awful awful buyer :mad: I hope everything works out okay - keep us posted! All these Paypal horror stories are really starting to scare me... they need to get their act together!
  10. That's a great idea! :idea:
  11. Paypal does this to a lot of people. It happened to my friend just recently. They are "holding $400 of hers just because buyer lied and said she never sent the item. but she had delivery confirmation and it shows they signed for it. So they've been doing a investigation for 3 monthes now and everytime she calls paypal. they say they can't discuss the matter until further investigation and hang up on her. I won't ever use paypal. Because so many things like this happen with them. I really hope you get your money back.
  12. Oh WOW. Scary. I'm afraid she'd do something to your coat, too, just to get her money back. Awful. I'm selling an item for close to $1000 right now on Ebay too and I'm afraid that the buyer may be buyer's remorse and make up excuses like yours did.... so awful.
  13. Geez, what is wrong with these people?!
    I feel for you. Sorry it had to happen. I've tried to stay away from ebay and paypal, but if they are going to perform a service, you think they would understand customer service!
    Good luck and let us know what happens. Hope it all turns out okay.
  14. did you happen to take out insurance on the coat? I sent a bag to someone once and she said it was all beat up (It was brand new with tags). She said she cut the tags off and then took it back to her local coach store and they refunded her money. all she wanted from me was her shipping. I saw through her fake story right away and told her, the item was insured so it must have been damaged in shippment so we must get ahold of the item and she wouldn't tell me the actual store she returned it to. I told her we would file a complaint agains the post office and then she said to drop it. some ebayers will do anything nasty because you are not even a face on the other side of a counter. Even if you didn't insure it find out from her what was not as described and tell her you will file a complaint with the shipper if they damaged it and see if she backs off. Good luck
  15. What a GREEDY buyer Loren! I'm glad you saw through her story and she dropped it. Man, people these days...