Payment Wars: Buyers vs Sellers


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Dec 3, 2008
Here's an issue regarding paying and receiving on eBay that I have noticed.

1. Buyers are recommended to pay for their items via Paypal and their credit cards; this way if anything goes wrong; they have a chance of disputing the transaction.

2. Sellers are advised to be extremely careful in accepting Payments from Paypal or credit card sources as to face the possible consequences of unjustified or fraudulent charge- backs.

The thing is, 1. is ok for somewhat small purchases; but what about when the transaction amount increases? I'm talking about luxury items in the range of $12,000 to $150,000 - would any seller be willing to pay the fees, as well as the risk of chargeback for accepting that payment through Paypal?

I've always requested bankwire from my buyers regardless of the amount (from $1,000 to $30,000) and they're only too happy to oblige. Of course, there are buyers out there who know of the risk of bankwire/bank transfer - but would you really expect the seller to accept a $40,000 transaction through Paypal? (Paypal carries a $10,000 per transaction limit)

I mean for example; the powersellers selling Hermes Birkin Crocodiles. Prices range from $39,000 to $80,000; and since you've all be warned against bank transfers; how are you buyers paying for these? Paypal?!

I would really like some insight!
Jun 25, 2008
While fBay restricts payment methods for most items, it does allow exceptions when it comes to items in certain categories, such as cars. Handbags is not among them. But there are other options allowed other than PayFoe.

(source: fBay)

Permitted on

Sellers must offer to accept one or more of the following payment choices:

* PayPal
* Credit or debit card processed through an Internet merchant account
* ProPay

Other payment methods

Checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers are not allowed for most eBay purchases. However, sellers may offer these payment methods for certain categories of items including vehicles, capital and business equipment, real estate, and Adult Only items.

For specific categories, sellers may also offer to accept:

  • Bank-to-bank transfers (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Any of the following online payment services:, cash2india, CertaPay,,,,,,, XOOM
These payment choices may be offered only for items in the following categories:

  • Motors > Cars & Trucks
  • Motors > Motorcycles
  • Motors > Powersports
  • Motors > Boats
  • Motors > Other Vehicles & Trailers
  • Business & Industrial > Agriculture & Forestry > Tractors & Farm Machinery
  • Business & Industrial > Construction > Heavy Equipment, Trailers
  • Business & Industrial > Food Service & Retail > Concession Trailers & Carts
  • Business & Industrial > Healthcare, Lab & Life Science > Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment
  • Business & Industrial > Industrial Supply, MRO > Fork Lifts & Other Lifts
  • Business & Industrial > Manufacturing & Metalworking > Manufacturing Equipment
  • Business & Industrial > Manufacturing & Metalworking > Metalworking Equipment
  • Business & Industrial > Office, Printing & Shipping > Commercial Printing Presses
  • Real Estate
  • Adult Only
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