Paying with a payment plan - can it be done?

  1. IS there any way to do this?
    I have a buyer who is interested in a bag I have for $150.
    Is there a way that she could say pay an initial amount through paypal - I could send her the bag and then if she doesn't have the rest paid in a certain amount of time I can open a claim for her?
    I would like to do this through eBay so that it;s all legit.
    She suggested that I could keep it in my possesion until she paid all of the money. But I know that that sucks - you want yuor bag NOW.
    So is there a way to do this?
  2. Nope that cannot be done. Paypal suggest you do not mail an item until payment is received in full. Have her make her partial payment, then once balance is received ship her the bag.
  3. But why would she not just wait until she has enough money and then buy the bag, rather than give your money to earn interest on or use for other things?
  4. Because it's a kick ass deal on a rare bag ;) (a little used so major discount) By the time she saves up it will be bye bye.
  5. Seems like there a lot of kick ass deals to be had for buyers these days.
  6. Lol,why can't I find just one?!