Paying for an eBay item in a different currency?

  1. Hi all, there's an item I really want to bid on but the price is in GBP. It shows me how much it is in USD, but what I'm curious about is what I have to do when I pay - how does the money get converted to GBP? Do I pay them the amount in dollars and somehow it gets transfered in pounds?

    I hope I'm not confusing anyone, just really confused. :Push: Thanks all!
  2. Hmmm...are you asking because you want to pay with a money order? I think your safest bet is to try an international money order. That way, when the seller tries to cash it, the currency will be converted to their currency without problems. One of the things I dislike about buying from international is that currency always helps when they want paypal! Because in paypal, it's automatic.

    I don't know about checks, though...
  3. Paypal does the currency conversitions automatically, so you can pay in GBP, but your account will be charged in USD :smile: Otherwise you can do a wire transfer for GBP's and your bank will charge you for converting the money or you can do a wire transfer in USD's, but if the seller has a GBP account their bank will charge them for converting the incoming USD to GBP.. at least that's how it works in Finland :smile: