Paying direct from account on paypal?!

  1. I am trying to pay for a bag on let-trade through Paypal for the first time and it says that they can either take the payment amount directly from my account or charge my Visa. I like the idea of taking directly from my account (so I don't load up my credit card so much:p) but it this SAFE? Is it as safe as charging my Visa? TIA:smile:
  2. Helppp someone I want to get this bag NOW hehe:smile:
  3. If you have the amount of money in your PP balance then you can certainly do that. It's as safe as paying with PayPal in general ever is, though their buyer protection plan technically only goes up to $2,000 so be aware of that if the item you are purchasing is more than $2K.
  4. Actually, the buyer protection fee ONLY works if the seller checks off "signature confirmation"!!