Paying by Credit Card in Paypal

  1. I just won an item on paypal and paid with Visa. I usually use my checking account for payment.

    Does paypal charge additional fees for using a credit card or is it just like buying an item in a store where the purchase appears on your statement and your bank charges the interest/fees?
  2. Ro,
    There are no additional charges.. I pay by credit card all the time.
    Just like buying an item in the store.
    The funds get to the seller alot faster than using bank account though.
  3. No, and it is a lot safer to use than a checking account.
    The big advatage is that is if something goes wrong you can also have CC do a "charge back" or in case of fraud your bank account will be safe from internet hackers or "The Romanian Conection"

    I would and I'm being very serious right now, always use your Credit Card and NEVER use your Checking Account!
  4. You should actually pay by credit card for everything. If there is a problem and paypal will not help you, you can dispute the item with your CC company.

    Using a CC doesnt affect the buyer but it does the seller. Paypal takes out more $ from the funds they receive.
  5. the purchase will appear in your CC statement will say something like this:

    Paypal **(name of seller here)
  6. no fees for the buyer Ro, just for the seller.
  7. Great! Thanks all. :biggrin: I hope to have something lovely posted in the Chanel forum by the end of the week.
  8. roey.....Congrats!

    Please consider always paying with your credit card as it gives you an extra measure of protection. I always pay using my CC no matter how small.

    I'll be looking for your pics!
  9. Ditto what others have said about only using your cc on eBay. I only use Amex because it is easiest to deal with if you have a problem.

    ps--congrats on the new chanel
  10. I completely agree with Lulilu, I always purchase things on eBay with my Amex. Ditto that you should never use your debit card on eBay.
  11. For high dollar items, I use my CC for the chargeback protection.
  12. I never thought about using my CC for Paypal. It's always my bank card. I know they don't charge anything extra for the CC use, but that's about it.
    Now I'm going to change mine to CC.. but I think there's a fee for the seller? or maybe I'm thinking of the account types (business, premier, personal)..