Paying by cash

  1. Hiya,
    Need some advice here. I'm going to meet up with a seller to check a bag (met her through eBay). If I decided to buy it, is it wise to pay by cash? Regarding authenticity, I have some knowledge from this forum but I don't know whether it's enough or not. She asked me if I decided to buy it, will I be paying cash.
    Thanks for the opinion
  2. Did you already bid and the bag and win an auction? If so, you're better off pre-paying by Paypal (before the meet) because you then have more protection. But, if you're not sure about the bag, you probably should have gotten some input before bidding, but if not, I would post the info in the appropriate sub-forum here and try to get some input before the meeting. You can always meet in the shop that sells that brand, if you have one in your area. That way, a SA can look at the bag as well. If this is off-eBay and you pay by cash, you will have no future recourse if there is a problem.