pay tax after bag arrived???!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I've orderd a bag from Paris. and I tracked my parcel has been arrived Melbourne this morning, but the status is " clearance delay", I rang DHL, they tole me since the parcel's value is over $1000 AUD, so I need to pay the tax $200. Is this normal????
  2. yes -- this is part of the customs fee.
  3. Thanks, is it because the Australian custom already charged DHL? Because DHL asked me to pay make me feel weird.
  4. Yes you can only import items to the value of AU$1000 without having to pay any taxes. Since your purchase is above that, you have to pay tax - have a read of this, it explains how you will get charged:

    DHL will pass the money onto Customs. However DHL may also charge you a 'processing' fee above the customs charges, which is something some courier companies do to make some money.
  5. I think I am done ordering bags internationally...

  6. Thanks for explain, I tried to pay the tax through phone, but the DHL account line is busy. Is the bag will deliver immdiately after i pay?? Is it possible to get it by tomorrow?? cuz I will away from Melbourne this Sat.
  7. As soon as your payment clears (which should be immediate on a CC) then they can send you the bag... However I'm not sure how quick they are in regards to that, it would be best to ask the person on the phone.