Paul wants custody of Bea, divorce getting nastier?

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    [​IMG]POP legend Paul McCartney is applying for FULL CUSTODY of his four-year-old daughter Beatrice after estranged wife Heather’s astonishing TV rant.

    Macca, 65, has already consulted lawyers. A close friend said: “Paul fears Heather’s lost the plot and needs help. He’s deeply worried.
    “She claimed to the world that her life’s at risk. If that’s true, so is Bea’s and she must be with her dad.”
    In public rock legend Paul McCartney shrugs off this week's frenzy of abusive attacks by ranting estranged wife Heather Mills. But in private he is DISTRAUGHT and fears she will hound him to his GRAVE.
    After a tense face-to-face confrontation between the warring couple on Friday, angry Macca asked an aide: "Is Heather trying to kill me?"
    At the end of a week of bizarre twists in the tale we can reveal 65-year-old pop knight Sir Paul is:
    CONVINCED daughter Bea's mind is being poisoned against his family.
    STUNNED by a demand from Heather that he hand over his beloved £12million Peasmarsh estate home.
    ANGRY at her threats to "tell the world everything" because "I've got nothing to lose".
    ASTONISHED by her preposterous suggestion they spend a cosy family Christmas together!

    [​IMG]Mucca's bizarre outbursts in meltdown interviews on GMTV, This Morning, BBC News 24, Radio 5 Live and US TV show Extra have convinced Paul he must go for temporary full custody of four-year-old Beatrice while the divorce is finalised.
    He has already been in talks with lawyers. He fears the strain of the very public break-up is now badly affecting their daughter.
    Hysterical Heather has claimed to have received DEATH THREATS from an "underground movement", talked of SUICIDE, and fears HITMEN are out to get her. In tense phone conversations on Friday evening, as Macca drove Beatrice to hand her over to her mum for the weekend, Heather even begged Macca to let her have his historic Peasmarsh estate so she can enjoy the benefit of its state-of-the-art security.
    A friend revealed: "Paul's main concern is Bea's safety and well-being. Going for full custody is a last resort but he's really scared for his child. He doesn't feel he's got a choice now.
    "And if Heather's life is at risk, then so is Bea's. Paul feels he just can't take the risk any more and wants to know that his daughter is safe and well—and that means being with him.
    [​IMG]"Paul did plead with Heather to consider Bea before she went on these TV shows, but she ignored him. Now he's deeply concerned their daughter is growing more aware of the public war between them."
    Macca also fears 39-year-old Heather's actions are turning Bea against his family, especially fashion designer daughter Stella, 36— branded as "evil" in the TV rant.
    Last week Paul watched open-mouthed in astonishment as Bea hid behind his legs when big sister Stella called her over.
    Friends say he was even more gobsmacked when the child referred to his daughter as "that bad woman" and told him: "Mummy's so sad."
    Our insider said: "Bea's obviously being influenced by what's going on around her and Paul's worried it's very damaging for her.
    "He's always been very private and pretty much kept quiet since this started.
    "But by making all those claims on TV and radio Heather is simply stoking up public interest. Paul is absolutely furious she's brought the glare of the world's media back on herself, him and especially Beatrice.
    "She's so young and vulnerable and he's very worried about her being psychologically damaged."
    Macca now believes Heather—who also raged about her treatment by the media and compared herself to Princess Diana and Kate McCann— needs professional help.

    [​IMG]Just 48 hours after her raving interviews flashed around the world she rang Paul and said: "Look, you know there's nothing new there.
    "I haven't done anything wrong, but I had to get my side out."
    Perplexed Paul apparently exclaimed: "This is completely ridiculous! What on earth are you talking about? What are you doing? Have you completely lost your mind?"
    She angrily admitted: "I've been pushed to the edge."
    But Heather's case wasn't helped by veiled threats to "put everything in the public domain" and her claiming Paul had failed to provide enough security for his daughter.
    A pal said: "In the Friday night phone chat she told Macca she had nothing to lose by going public on their relationship. Although God knows what she can say now.
    "She can't work out why the public hates her. She kept saying, ‘They twist everything I say. Why don'tpeople like me?'"
    Earlier this year the News of the World revealed Heather's plans for a tell-all book, documentary and possible appearance on Oprah Winfrey's prime-time US talk show.
    They are understood to be a sticking point in the divorce negotiations. Macca is devastated that things have come to this.
    A friend said: "Paul's just absolutely gutted that he's had to get the lawyers involved over Bea.
    "But what do you do when your estranged wife goes on TV and says one jaw-dropping thing after another?
    "The whole thing is absolutely barmy."
    And the madness continues with the goalposts constantly shifting.
    [​IMG]After Heather's on-screen onslaught at Paul, astonishingly she told him privately that she wants to settle the divorce by Christmas—so the family can all have a relaxing festive period together and put the whole saga behind them for Beatrice's sake!
    A source close to Macca said: "All these outbursts from Heather are completely out of order. Paul doesn't know what's going to happen from one day to the next."
    When Paul and Bea arrived at Heather's home in Robertsbridge, Sussex, for the Friday night hand-over there was a frosty stand-off on the driveway.
    Heather kept them waiting for several minutes before walking out to their car.

    But furious Macca, with the memory of her relentless stinging string of TV outbursts still fresh in his mind, was determined not to give her the satisfaction of seeing just how hurt he was.
    Instead he merely asked sarcastically: "Have you been up to much lately?" The former Beatle's caustic put-down left Mills livid. She shook and turned red with rage. Last night one aide told the News of the World: "Paul wanted to make a point in what Heather thought would be her moment of glory.
    [​IMG]"He was extremely nervous about how the meeting would go and felt an argument was on the cards.
    "But he was determined to rise above it and show he wasn't giving in. Afterwards Paul felt quite drained by the whole experience.
    "The last few weeks have really hit him hard. Over the summer he genuinely believed that the war with Heather was over after they agreed on support packages for Bea and a proposed divorce deal.
    "But she's pulled the rug from under him. It's been a tough few days for him.
    "He's looking like a deeply hurt man who's realised he'll never escape this women's wrath until the day he dies."
    It's not been a good week for Heather, dubbed Mucca over her porn and vice girl past. Her PR manager Phil Hall quit because he disagreed with her decision to do the sensational interviews.
    And now her lawyers are currently in talks deciding their position in the light of her outbursts.
    She has already admitted she is £1.5million in the red over legal fees to end the four-year marriage.
    Macca's friend revealed: "Paul really fears she's lost the plot. Her paranoia risks spinning wildly out of control, which is dangerous for her.
    "But more worryingly, it could be dangerous for Bea as well."
  2. Sad situation :sad:
    Wish they would just work it all out for the sake of the child...
  3. There's something about her that when I see her I automatically think, 'shrew!' It's clear that other people were annoyed by her, too, so it's inaccurate for her to make herself out to be this innocent victim while Paul is viewed as a monster.

    Her rants and allegations just seemed completely random and out of the blue.

    And the fact that she compares herself to Princess Diana is just laughable.
  4. soo sad..:crybaby:
  5. She's whacko and I really worry that she will do something REALLYstupid that there is no coming back from.

    And I agree with you Caitlain that the comparison to Pricess Di is just laughably unbelievable.

    She should phone Brittany and see who she's using for PR. Maybe the two train wrecks could collide and wipe each other out...
  6. I know she has angered a lot of people in the British media for the way she manipulates her disability. Many have mentioned how she went on Dancing with the Stars and now she wants sympathy the wheelchair and crunches come out.

    I think it was very poor decision on her part to make all these interviews and basically attack Paul and Stella. Its going to get ugly.
  7. i can't stand paul but i hope he gets custody. the kid will be much better off with him than with that shrew-faced gold-digging batshit-crazy biatch.

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Say what you mean sputnik!!!Don't keep it inside like that!:lol:
  9. Heather's only comparison in regards to Princess Diana was how she has been hounded by the british tabloids and paparazzi as was poor Diana.

    Personally I think Heather has proof of something Paul nor Stella wants known to the general public and we all know the brits don't want their precious Sir Paul's image tarnished by little ole Heather.

    I'm sure if Heather had known the real man behind the image she would have never married his sorry ass dispite his wealth.I have no doubt that any woman that would have married him would be caught up in the same hell that Heather's going through.

    A real man would step up to the plate and put a stop to all she and his child are going through. Opps, I forgot he isn't much a man, he's just another stupid pop legend so that automatically makes his character beyond reproach.:rolleyes:
  10. ^^^ITA!
  11. If Paul had signed a pre-nup, none of this would be going on. He was STUPID!!!! All that money....what a fool! I hope Heather gets Bea AND Pauls money.
  12. I think the fact that he didn't do a pre-nup shows you who had the wool pulled over their eyes...

    He may not be totoally innocent, but he's having the dignity not to show us his shorts in public. She courts the press, and her PR gang has been caught dispensing her "secret" information more than once. She is a manipulator of the worst kind. The dancing vs wheelchair/crutches example is just one of many examples.

    Stella called it right from the beginning because of the way she used some of Stella's connections when she and Paul were just dating, not just that she did use them, but it was how. This has been a long and sad journey for everybody. I wish she would keep her rants to herself and stop trying the case in the newspaper. That may be the only place she can win. I think Paul has handled it with class, which was always his intent as he stated in the one interview when they first seperated.

    And the threats against her life? evidence produced of that either, just her word? Hmmmmm...

    I'm all for sh** hsubands getting their just desserts, I had one! But I didn't go to all our friends either and try to win that way and yes I had a one year old in tow. I ONLY got custody and a meagre child support, and my ex got everything that we worked for, including the house. I was happy to have sole custody, my son was the BEST thing that came out of tht marriage! Hard life for us initially, but absolutely no regrets. Years later all our friends slowly drifted back to me, and said they never noticed some things about my ex.
    Much more satisfying and far classier.

    Heather's roots are showing, and I don't mean her hairline.:tdown:
  13. NOTW printed it so it must be true ... :rolleyes:

    Cat, I am with you 100%.:tup: