Paul Blart- MALL COP!

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  1. Comes out on the 16th. Is anyone planning on seeing this? Me and my mom have a date to go see it. I can't wait. Kevin James is hilarious!


  2. My kids love him and all want to go. I tend to think its the type of movie (like anything Will Farrell) where you see all the funny parts in the trailer, but we'll see. I am still trying to see Slumdog and Milk.
  3. I die of laughter at the previews but don't know if I'll go see it.
  4. i love love love kevin james.. i'm a big fan of king of queens.. me and bf probably going to watch it this weekend..
  5. We are thinking about it. Both my hubby & I couldn't stop laughing when we encountered the 'Shrine of the Mall Ninja' (any type of family in the military or law enforcement makes this funnier) & this just brings that whole mall/security wannabee cop idea to the big screen. Don't most of us know one guy who was the professional security guard that thought he was secretly a special forces/martial arts guru?

    Mall Ninja Excerpts:
    It's okay for me to talk about my job, as long as I'm not specific. I am the Sergeant of a three-man Rapid Tactical Force at one of America's largest indoor retail shopping areas. Although there are typically between fifteen and twenty normal security officers working the beat there, we decided a while ago that it would be best to have a specilized force for violent individuals. We use modified electric vehicles and can be anywhere on a given floor within eight and a half minutes.

    Naturally, the regular security people are unarmed. We "RTFers", by arrangement with the local police, carry high-strength OC spray and batons. If we have a full tactical alert and permission from the local LEOs we also have a Mossberg 500 with less-lethal rounds and two K-frame Smith .38s loaded with 158gr. LRN.

    Basically, the situation is that we get the call, we lock up the situation, put everything five by five, and cordon the area until the local authorities arrive. We're cops, we just don't get the glory.

    I am not permitted to carry Glocks on duty; however, when my wife picks me up from work I strap on the "Deadly Duo" of a 27 and 23, each with Bar-Sto .357 bbl.
  6. I do want to see this. I think Kevin James is hilarious.

    This was almost filmed at my local mall, but they decided on their other option.
  7. My mom is dying to see it so we'll either go see it in the theater or rent it. It looks hilarious.
  8. I think I'll wait for this one to come out on DVD. I was never a fan of the King of Queens, but I like Kevin James. He was good in Hitch.
  9. I love Kevin James to death and think he's great, but for some reason, I have absolutely no desire to see this. Maybe on DVD...
  10. My DH and I are going to see it! It was filmed at what was our local mall until we moved out of state last month. We visited the mall all through out the time the movie was filmed so we're pretty excited about seeing it!
  11. I can't wait to see this. The preview cracks me up. It does look like a stupid movie...but a good kind of stupid. :P
  12. I loved him in Kings Of Queens, but this movie looks ridiculous. I will be awaiting reviews from TPF'ers and other viewers before slapping down $7 to see it.
  13. I want to go see it, but I think the boyfriend would rather go see Gran Turino. :shrugs:
  14. The previews were funny but I can wait until the movie comes out on DVD.
  15. where do you live that movies are $7?? We pay $11! Its nuts!

    BF and I are going to see this tonight! We can't wait- we are huge King of Queens fans and we have seen Kevin James do standup and he's hilarious. I'll report back! :yes: