Paul Anka "Rock Swings" cd Everyone I know is getting this for Christmas!!

  1. It's great!! covers of 90's alternative stuff like "Smells like Teen Spirit" & "Black Hole Sun"
    Anyone need a good present for anyone?? This is it!:yahoo:

    from Amazon:
    [​IMG] Album Of The Year!, June 7, 2005
    By MilesColtrane "milescoltrane" (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews
    This is the kind of album you can't simply hear about, you MUST actually hear it to appreciate it. I wish Amazon's sound clips were a higher quality. anyway - Anka the songwriter slays on this album filled with covers.

    This is impeccably recorded, brilliantly performed, and Anka sings & swings his heart out. ....
  2. ^^^^ boy are you right! I know someone that worked for him for many years & they are still close. Paul's a party animal!
  3. thanks for the links! i never knew about the party animal thing---is that kinda creepy or inspiring?? I'll drink to that!