Patrick Dempsey and Hilary Swank?

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    Patrick Dempsey gets cozy with his on-screen wife Hilary Swank at the Los Angeles premiere of their film Freedom Writers on Thursday. Swank, who plays an inspirational teacher at an inner-city school, says of her own high school experience, "I felt like such an outsider...I was a jabbermouth in the class."
  2. I usually like what Hilary wears on ther red carpet, but I'm not really feeling that dress. The dress would have looked better without the shiny part in the middle of the dress.
  3. I am in love with him... I want to be his on screen wife!!!!
  4. On screen wife? I wanna be his off screen wife. :lol:
  5. I will take just about any role in Patrick Dempsey's love life!

    I think Hillary Swank's dress is pretty but it looks like a dress for a more mature (40+ year old) woman. She seems to make very conservative clothing selections.