Patina on Azur Picture Update!

  1. okay so i know I was looking for azur with patina pics when i wanted to get one and there werent many so here ya go ladies heres a pic of my handles...i like it both ways. (the handles look darker in this pic than they do in real life. (idk why i think the flash messes it it doesnt really look darker in the center where you hold it like that...geez...guess its time to clean my handles wipes here i come)

    ENJOY my well loved/non-babied Damier Azur Speedy 25

  2. AFTER:

  3. OOooo... it looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looooooooooooooove the way it looks with patina!!! :drool:

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. thanks i hope it convinces someone to get an azur piece i love it. im not one to like patina AT ALL but i really do think it looks nice on this. I will post another pic after I clean the handles and the patina looks a bit more even.
  6. thanks should get something azur (if you dont already have something, keepall...mmmmm) looks like we have b-days coming up! woo woo go us!
  7. I think Azur looks really good with patina...more so than normal Mono.
  8. ^^ agreed!
  9. mine's also look like yours...I have just got it for a few months now...
    it looks nice now, I dont mind the light patina, but I dont think it'd look too nice when it get darker...
  10. It looks beautiful with patina!! That's one of the things that stopped me from liking azur when it came out, the worry about how the handles would look with patina, but not anymore. Gorgeous!
  11. Fabulous!!!!!!! Love Azur Speedies with patina!
  12. gorgeous patina!
  13. You've just convinced me to start using my azur speedy instead of it sitting in its dustbag. It looks fantastic with the patina!
  14. Looks great. I love patina on all vachetta. I am only now starting to really love my mc lodge now that the strap is darkening. Looks amazing on the azur.
  15. It looks great.