Patina faster?

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  1. I have decided on azur as I think azur print and patina are a BEAUTIFUL combination.
    But how can I patina my bag evenly and fast? I hate that new vachetta white and will not use my bag until it is a little darker.this is of course going to be incredibly advice please!:biggrin:
  2. Bag I decided on is totally pm in azur.i can't get it off my mind!:love:
  3. I'm no help. I think everything looks good - patina or no patina!
  4. Maybe just leave it in the sun for a big but keep watching and turning it? I have no idea! But the new vachetta scares me haha

  5. That's what I hear of people doing too.
  6. I use loving my bags!
  7. I love an even honey patina on the azur too!
    I was lucky with my Neverfull GM azur, but I didn't do anything special. She came with me on almost every vacation, through airports, and laid on the beach and soaked up the sun in Cancun and Hawaii. I did refrain from carrying her when raining at all costs, though.
  8. I use my loving my bags too.
  9. you need to leave it in the sun (not direct sun) couple of hr a day
    and let nature take it's cuorse
  10. Whatever you do.. Don't do what those crazy peop do in videos and out oil on it!! Lol
  11. There's a couple of things that I have personally done.

    Hand moisturiser (hand lotion) and apply it all over the place, at least once a day for about a week gives it a nice tone.

    I did leave it in my car's trunk for a week (accidently) but gave it a nice colour don't know how.

    leave in a bathroom in a drip safe area when you take a steamy shower this also helps.

    I have done the oil treatment in a carryall, have had no problems at all I used evoo.

    Use it EVERYDAY!