Patience is a virtue I haven't grasped yet.

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  1. Okay, is anyone as impatient as I am when it comes to ordering online? :shame: I ordered the leopard Rolandos from NAP, and my account still says that it is waiting on payment method authorization.

    I rarely order from NAP, the last thing I bought was a Chloe paddington in 2005. I even chose next day shipping in hopes that they would be here today so that I could wear them tomorrow, if they fit :push:

    Just venting! When was the last time you placed an order and took for-e-ver to arrive and you were sitting there, twiddling your thumbs or constantly tracking the package online? I know some of us have done this before - 'fess up ;)
  2. I constantly do this with my orders, luckily they are always quick to ship and since they are on the east coast, delivery usually takes a few days but of course I track it every day!
  3. omg me me me!!! didn't you read my thread about waiting for shoes i got from the BG sale that were shipped to me? i could have picked them up and had them the same day and instead i had to wait! wait! ack! and i totally had planned on wearing them the next day! lol. luckily they came 2 days later but omg i checked my machine like 42 times a day to see if they came. lol. patience is NOT my virtue either.
  4. LOL yes :lol: I must have checked NAP five times or more today. Next thing you know, I'll be contacting their customer service asking them to hurry up already :p
  5. lol! i DID call BG and they told me it would 7-10 days! omg i live 10 min from BG. no way! but thank goodness they were wrong or i would be bald from tearing my hair out.

    my lack of patience is also why i'm obsessing on what shoes to get as my wl reward. i haven't even finished saving but i want them now! i wouldn't even wear them until i save the money but i just want to own them. lol. crazy i know.
  6. aww..i hate waiting too! i hope they arrive soon so we can see the lovely pics!
  7. I am the worst when it comes to tracking packages. I get bent out of shape because my deliveries always come late in the afternoon. The status always says "on truck for delivery" and I think the route drivers take means coming to my place last. I swear when I see that the hub was the next town over I think to myself, "I could just drive there and pick it up myself and get it sooner."

    BTW, NAP transactions usually happen fast. I have placed two orders recently, one regular shipping and one overnight shipping and they were both processed rather quickly.
  8. LOL i hate waiting too! i've pre-ordered a pair of architeks here at a local shoe boutique and they're taking forever to arrive. sadly, my name is on the 5th (and the last) slot for my size on the waiting list so i'm not sure i will be able to even get a pair. crossing my fingers on that!! i really do hope so!! esp after so much i've spent there and waited, those SAs better do something for me!

    PS: i tried a pair of minibout in silver metallic today and it's such a gorgeous color! except that the minibout feels a little imbalanced unlike the VPs and the mini peep toes kind of annoy me lol.
  9. LOL you sound exactly like me. I'll call downstairs to reception 500 times to see if the package has arrived yet. Luckily, our receptionist understands my obsessions :p

    I remember a couple of years ago, I ordered an LV Vernis agenda from LV here in Palm Beach Gardens. I was living in Orlando at the time, and chose ground shipping because I figured it would arrive within a couple of days.

    Not the case! It took maybe five days to arrive, because FedEx decided that my workplace was a residence and was attempting to deliver the package around 7 p.m., long after close of business :rolleyes: Once, I even waited in the office until 6 p.m., in case they would try to deliver it. Nope! After many, many phone calls to FedEx, they finally got the message and delivered it at 10 a.m.

    Ladydeluxe - I really, really hope you get the Architeks :love:
  10. :roflmfao: I know what you mean. I was counting down the days until I got my turquoise simple 85's. I ordered them from a Saks store so I did not have a tracking number to obsess over.:nuts:
  11. WOW this is totally me! I JUST bought one of my HG CLs last night... at 1 am... it hasn't even been 12 hours yet and I'm freaking out while waiting for the seller to contact me! I just love love love those shoes! (Talk about inpatient!:upsidedown:)
  12. Ladyluxe - Off the subjet , but what color did you get??

    I actually am not that antsy with packages anymore... considering I buy almost EVERYTHING online - makeup, perfume, clothes, lingere, shoes, vitamins, haha! I used to be but then I couldn't keep track of it anymore:upsidedown:
  13. That is totally me. I was waiting for my CL's from BG today and I was a nervous wreck. I had the fedex website up all day tracking the package. Finally they came. I just realized that I have another pacakge from NM that is supposed to be delivered today via fedex, but it is still with the driver. I thought the same driver who delivered my BG package would have the one from NM. If I don't get it today, I will be highly upset.
  14. What is your HG shoe? I would love to see it!
  15. Don't laugh, I have yet to figure out what HG means.