patience is a virtue! and it pays off

  1. For all of you ladies out there who are still searching for their grail bags, I just wanted to let you know my little story.

    I purchased a birkin from a reseller a few months ago but I have always wanted a kelly. Shortly after purchasing my birkin, I began actively searching for a black kelly (once you get one, you covet more!!!) and I thought I would NEVER find one. I began thinking about settling for a different color.

    Two weeks ago, i was in Paris at the Georges store and there was the most beautiful chocolate brown vl 32 cm with black hardware. I adored it and thought, I should just get this one, even though its brown and I am paying a fortune for it because of the strong euro and weak dollar, its a kelly. I called my DH and it being 3:00 am at home, he told me to wait until he was awake in a few hours and we would discuss it. Knowing someone who worked in the store, they agreed to hold it until the end of the day. Later, I spoke to DH and he talked me out of it, saying, you already have a gold birkin, why do you need another brown bag-you really want black.

    Well, back in NY from my Paris vacation, working like a dog before year end, and missing Paris, I was regretting that I did not get the bag. Then............I got a call from my SA saying they just received a black 32 cm vl with gold hardware, did I want it!!

    LADIES, I know its hard to wait but in the end, I think its worth it. Best wishes for a hermes filled New Year (the hermes you really want, not the one you buy just to get one!!) To be honest, I actually regret purchasing the birkin now that I have my kelly. PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT ME FOR SAYING SO!:graucho:
  2. Happy Holidays to you too!!! and congratulations!!! I am so happy you ended up with 'the one you really wanted'! It shows, good things do happen to those who wait!! (if you can wait)!!! Congrats Again!!!
  3. Thanks so much Encore H. I never, in my entire life had any patience and people kept telling me as I get older, it gets worse but in this case, I am so happy I finally exercised some self-restraint!!
  4. Thank you maggiemoo for your wonderful and really holiday story *sobbing* :crybaby:I'm so happy for you :yes:. I am :heart:. You have no idea how much I needed a real life story like yours. I have no luck so far finding my MM Picotin in Barenia and everything suggests I should settle for PM but I just can't do it. I am going to wait for my MM as long as I can. (but i want it now :hysteric:).
    Happy Hermes Year to you too, dear! :drinkup:
    You said it so well: "Best wishes for a hermes filled New Year (the hermes you really want, not the one you buy just to get one!!) "
  5. Great story, and food for thought for all of us, no matter what the grail....


    I especially love the part where DH put in his .02!!!
  6. Lucky you, MaggieMoo!!! (hee hee, I rhymed) Congratulations, that's a lovely story!
  7. Thats great news! Very lucky!x
  8. Congrats on your bag! And great advice about waiting. I agree better to get what you want!
  9. Congratulations! And thanks for the reminder -- I am wishing so hard for two bags and it is hard not to buy something else just to console myself LOL.
  10. How did I miss this until just now?????? You sneak! LOL. I have been waiting to phone you tonight.

    Sorry,I thought it had arrived already! I can't wait to see it!
  11. Glad you waited!
    Be sure to post modeling pics!
  12. Maggiemoo,

    Congrats on such a classic classic choice. There were so many choices for you and you got the one that really made your heart sing. Now, if you really regret getting your Birkin, I can look after her for you and give her the love she deserves... :yes:
  13. what a wonderful story....I soooo want a red Kelly....true red, not orange-red or dark red.....saw a pic and now cannot get it out of my mind....SA is trying!!
  14. Very inspiring story!! congrats on getting your grail!! Patience is a virtue, after all!!
  15. My philosophy exactly! Thanks for sharing your story with us! Good things come to those who wait. Congratulations and wear her in great health!