patent "simple question

  1. do any of you know if the patent simple 100mm exist? i have only seen them in kid leather and i am really interested in getting the patent, oh and in black by the way thanks.:tup:
  2. I haven't seen them in black, but I don't know for sure.
  3. BG had a few available as of last week.
  4. was it online or in store because i live in california and there is no BG here?
  5. BG is the East Coast brand. Our equivalent here is NM. They're the same 'family.'

    You can always call the BG stores there. It will also be tax-free if BG's shipping to CA. :biggrin:
  6. I just bought a pair in blue yesterday at Barneys in beverly hills and I did see the black ones.
  7. It was available in the store but I'm not sure about the sizes though. You might want to try calling them. good luck!
  8. thank you girls, do the simples run true to size? i am a 7.
  9. I went with my usual CL size(which is 1/2 a size larger than my normal shoe size) even though they were a bit big..a 1/2 size smaller was too tight.
  10. I had to go 1/2 size up (I am a US size 8 and got a 38.5 in patent simple pumps).
  11. thank you, so the patent simples do exist because i have only seen kid leather and i would love the patent simples but with no platform.
  12. Yes call Barneys New York City and if they don't have them available they will find them at one of their other locations. I know the Dallas store had them, but I think they sold all of them. However, there are so many locations. Your best bet might be the new Barneys in Las Vegas!