Patent Leather Pump

  1. Not sure if this was asked in other previous posts...
    Just trying to gather thoughts and opinions on patent leather pump. I'm seeing them everywhere and I'm thinking of getting myself one for work. I thought they're kinda fun to wear to work. Do you think patent leather is only good for this season or will it last a couple? TIA.... ;)
  2. I always thought that patent leather is a classic! And i am uber-excited that it's en vogue now!! :woohoo: I already bought 3 pairs of patent shoes this season (in addition to the ones I already own).
    my only hesitation with wearing patent shoes used to be that they seamed too "dressed up" (esp. black ones)... but i am slowly changing my mind.... i am trying to get myself into the mindset that there's nothing wrong with wearing "dressy" shoes with casual outfits. We only live once!! :yahoo:
  3. I :heart: patent. I think it's a classic also.
  4. I think that there here to stay a while.. I love them too!
    You can dressed them up or down.
  5. I think patent leather is classic. It is just a bit more popular these days but I think it is a timeless look.
  6. I'm a big patent fan and have many pairs, I'm loving the fact that they're everywhere at the moment. I think if you stick to classic styles you cant go wrong, they can be worn for years to come.

    I used to worry about looking too OTT with a casual outfit but I'm getting used to it now.
  7. ITA with everyone so far....patent is something you will always wear. I think the outdated look in patent is the "fake patent" that's super super shiny and well, fake looking but the higher end shoes that are out now look fabulous and timeless.