Patent leather peep-toe ballerina - ss07 collection

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  1. Has anyone seen the patent leather peep-toe ballerina with metallic heel and toe plate shoe from the ss07 collection around?

    I would really like a pair…. :sad:
  2. i've seen them at the toronto boutique

    edited: oh no, come to think of it, not sure if they were patent or not.
  3. Did they have the metallic heel and toe?? :yahoo:
  4. I think I saw a patent open toe, but it was over $600! :tdown:
  5. Could you post a pic of it? I might have seen it at NM SF, not really sure if it's the same pair you're looking for though or you could try giving NM a call.
  6. These are the pics off the Chanel website

    I hope it works :smile:
    shoe.JPG shoe2.JPG
  7. I've definitely seen them before, but I can't remember if it's at NM or Saks (in SF). I'm leaning towards NM, so give them a call first 415-362-3900.
  8. saw a pair in white at the NM in the Mall at Millenia, Orlando.....
  9. I recently saw a pair this weekend. It was FANTABULOUS!! I'm dying for a pair too.. but I decided to be good and put them down. They retail for $580USD and I saw them at Saks.

    Hope you get a pair! Not only are they gorgeous, but they were very comfortable too!
  10. Saw them at Tyson's at either the Chanel boutique or Neiman's. Am thinking it was NM -- about a month ago. (I think they're very cute.)
  11. This may be a silly question but I live in Australia, do you think that either NM or the boutique will send them over to me….
    Or perhaps they could transfer them to my local Chanel boutique??
  12. I would call Saks first. I think I saw them there. Then try NM. Good luck. They are a great looking pair of shoes.
  13. I love these shoes. I hope you can find them!
  14. they are niice but 600 on flatsO_O