Patent Leather Hobo on!!!

  1. I think that bag is stunning.
  2. Thanks for sharing - that is purrrrrty. I wonder if it will come in other colors. I just don't dress well enough for that bag!
  3. I'll wear it with jeans and a sweater! I'm thinking of finally getting a Macy's card so I can get the 10% off the first purchase.

    Purrr-ety bag.
  4. Does Macy's allow that? I know Lord & Taylor restricts what they discount and unfortunately Coach falls into that category :sad:
  5. dont get the card online! if u go in store u get more off... and wait for the friends and family!!! it s in 2 weeks

  6. That bag will also be available in a red patent. I just don't know if Macy's will have it, too.
  7. Thanks for sharing the picture. That is one gorgeous bag. I am buying it in the Red Patent Leather which will be available to order on May 2nd.
  8. Oooh Coach stores are only promising black white and a dark mahogany brown - NO red, well that was the last I heard from a manager who called JAX. I would love a RED patent.
  9. Honestly, if I get my job back tomorrow, I'm getting either an Ergo or a Carly!!!

  10. I want this bag in the red patent leather as well. You say that it is available to order on May 2nd. Does this mean you can get it from Macy's on May 2nd? Or just from a Coach boutique on this day? Because I want to get it with the F&F discount. *cross my fingers*
  11. lalabelle:

    I don't know if we can order it with the Friends and Family Macy's coupon. I sure hope so though because that's what I want to do as well. Hopefully we can get it with the discount.

    kind regards,
  12. gosh , im such a sucker for patent leather !
  13. I just got off the phone with Sean at the Tysons II Galleria store here in VA. He can order me the black (or white) patent bag TODAY and was nice enough to offer me free overnight shipping to FL so it will be there when I arrive on Friday for vacation! :yahoo:

    It's more than I thought it would be ($458) but my husband thinks it's a deal compared to the $1750 Chloe I covet. That worked out well for me... :p