Patent Leather Dark Brown trim

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  1. I am considering the Joy Boston with either the Dark Brown trim or Bordeaux leather trim for Christmas. What I would like to know from anyone who can help is how is your Dark Brown patent leather trim holding up? Patent leather tends to wrinkle easily and crack which leads to peeling. I am not sure how versatile the Bordeaux color will be for everyday, so I may end up with the Dark Brown. Anyone have one for at least three years? How is it now?

    Thanks to you all for your help. It is time I add some Gucci to my rotation:graucho:
  2. Oh come on, someone help me on this one
  3. I can´t help you much, but I would never buy Patent leather
  4. My boston has dark patent leather trim. It's 18 months old and it's perfect.

    I also have an all black patent mirror clutch that is 2 years old - also perfect

    Gucci's patent is usually very good soft and strong.

    Havng said that I don't wear these bags as everyday bags.
  5. I have the dark brown patent trim boston and it's still fine. Purchased it a couple of years ago. It's a great bag and is part of my bag rotation quite a bit. I don't know anything about the bordeaux trim since that's fairly recent.
  6. Thank you everyone. That is exactly what i want to know.

    Anyone else?
  7. recent pic of the boston (the style I think you're interested in?) after 2 years of pretty consistent use:
    To me it still looks fine even though I don't baby my bags.
  8. Thank you ghstdreamer, that is the one. So you have no wrinkling or cracking in the leather? That is a really nice bag and i want to get one since i love my speedy so much. Great size over the speedy 30 and 35. Thank you for the pic.
  9. No wrinkling at all. Before I got my sukey boston, I used this bag a lot for traveling.
  10. ^^thanks:tup:
  11. I've had the dark brown Boston for a year. I use it more than any of my other bags and it is still looking great although I would say that there is some very gently creasing to the patent strips around the bag. There are no signs of cracking and the handles are still perfect.

    I love this bag as it goes with just about anything.
  12. ^^^thank you LynneC.

    sounds like the leather hold up pretty good over time.