Patent ergo vs Vintage ergo hobo


Which Ergo Hobo?

  1. Red patent

  2. Mahagony patent

  3. Natural Vintage

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Alright I have decided that I will either get the patent ergo in mahagony once I see it or red but I also like the vintage ergo.

    I can only have one but I can't really decide! Again, I need your advice girls:p
  2. One vote for mahagony - Coach does a beautiful job with patent mahagony!!! :drool::drool:

    Can't wait to see your pics!
  3. Get the Patent Mahogany Hobo. It is so yummy and gorgeaous! Coach always makes leather bags but they don't always do the Patent leather in a hobo that is so stylin. I know how you feel as I had to make the same decision. I could not justify the cost of two bags and I really want an all Leather Carly come August so I had to make a choice. As my collection has three Ergo's from 2002 and three Ergos from 2007 I think that it is enough. I want variety in my collection. My present handbag collection consists of

    1. White Ali
    2. Whiskey Ali
    3. Ergo Vintage Tote
    4. Ergo Patent Hobo Mahogany
    5. Ergo Patent Tote Red
    6. Legacy shoulder Bag pond
    7. Ergo 9227 tan hobo from 2002
    8. Ergo 9228 Cognac Hobo from 2002

    I will be adding the Leigh Bag from the Legacy 2007 and
    an All leather Carly for the Fall. I will probably get at least two other bags (Bleeker and Ergo) for the fall.
    You just need to see what your collection needs to round it out. Do you have a hobo? I have four hobos and they are my most favorite shape in a handbag.
    Good luck deciding.
  4. While I truly believe that ANY Ergo choice is going to be a good one, I vote red patent. I own it and the color is truly awesome. I love the look and feel of this patent. It is slightly crushed and has a beautiful drape/slouch to it.
  5. the red patent one is so HOT!

    I have gotten tons of compliments on it and I've only had mine a couple days.

    click on the link in my sig and you can see mine
  6. you HAVE to get patent. :tup:

    It's simply TDF!
  7. I don't have a hobo in my collection yet so I am very excited to add one in. In terms of which one, I would love to hear more of your suggestions.

    I do know I love the patent from the gallery tote in mahagony last winter but I never got one so I really regret it. :yes:
  8. do you have style numbers?
  9. YES!!! patent!! the red it totally hot, I wear mine with everything ... but the mahogany is gorgeous as well.
  10. I'm going to be different and say go for the vintage leather. Style-wise it will last you longer. The red is fun, but if it was me I would rather pick a bag that's going to last a long time, and actually get more beautiful with age.
  11. A friend of mine bought the white patent the same day I bought my black ergo....the first time she used it the patent cracked in the areas where the bag slouches.....she took it back and traded it in for a vintage one.

  12. Shelbell:

    You have me so concerned now. I have not used my Patent Mahogany Hobo yet. Now I am wondering how it will hold up. Oh no, should I have kept my Ergo Vintage Hobo afterall. I wonder if I wear it and it cracks will Coach give me another bag. Oh no, I am sor worried now. What should I do?

  13. My friend used it that day, saw the cracking, and took it back to the store. They traded her into one in the vintage leather with no questions asked. So I wouldn't worry about that part of it if you have a problem after using it.
  14. OMG, that worries me. I'm going to have to check mine now.
  15. Shellbell:

    Thanks so very much for the heads up on the Patent Mahogany Hobo. I will wear it for two weeks and see how it holds up. If I see it cracking it is going back immediately.

    Many thanks,