Patent Ergo! And some questions for our lovely SAs.

  1. Pics in the little Coach catalog that I got in the mail today from Macy's!

    The patent Ergo (it was a hobo) looks nice and smushy. Can SAs confirm any other colors than black?

    Also the picture of the Legacy Cotton Signature bags that someone else posted in another thread. Is the Pear version only available through the boutique and what color is the leather trim?

    There was also a pair of signature multi-stripe sandals that were YUMMY.

    My phone is charging right now, but I'll try to post pics later.
  2. Please post pics!! We really want to see!!!! TIA
  3. *holding breath waiting for pictures*
  4. It probably won't be till tomorrow as I need a full charge. Unless someone else beats me to it.
  5. :crybaby: i can't believe macy's beat us again, with the patent hobo. i'm excited as well so please post pics asap! i won't be working until probably wedns so i can't confirm any other colors until then.

    and the cotton signature legacy is in jade, denim and chocolate, that's all i know so far, if there is pear i'll doubt check.

    TIA for the pics krispin!
  6. i'll do pics. gimme a sec.

    there's also a ponytail scarf in there i want!!!
  7. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Please post some pix!!!
  8. I love looking at new stuff!!
  9. Coach will have it in the stores in the May in black, white, mahagony or red.

    The style is 11009 and it $458.

    I just called CS. I'm so excited about this!!! :yahoo:
  10. pics from macy's (that whole spread)...(and a close up of the ponytail scarf i want and the prices)




  11. Did someone say PATENT ERGO?!!??! This may totally alter my wishlist!!!!
  12. OMG, how cute is that?? Love it!
  13. Kallison, I could hug you right now!!! My April comission check is now SPENT!!!

    I sure hope I sell some serious bling in April....
  14. I meant jade...I just couldn't remember what the green was called. I actually called it pond (!) in my first post before I edited it.
  15. kallison your ROCK! I am sooo loving that scarf too!