Patent Dark Brown Tote- info please!

  1. Hi everyone! First of all, i hope this is the right place to post this- i've never posted on the Coach sub-forum before..

    I was just wondering what the official name and retail price was on a bag my mother bought at a Coach boutique last Fall..

    Here's a pic!


    Thanks so much for your help!!:flowers::heart:

  2. Looks like a mahogany patent gallery tote. You can call Coach and give them the number on the creed patch. They'll be able to tell you more about it! Its pretty!
  3. I think it was $328
  4. Oh that's lovely!!
  5. They are in the outlets now, so you could get then in the $200's.
  6. Thank you SO much for the info!!

    $328? Does anyone else agree/disagree? Sounds about right, i'd just like to be sure :O)
  7. I'm sure that's the retial of it. But now they are able to be bought cheaper. If you were thinking of selling it on eBay or something.
  8. ^^ Awesome, thank you!
  9. I got a smaller one, a little bit different, but CUTE for under $200 at the outlet today. In "purple" but it looks like a very understated wine color.