Patent Coco Cabas sightings!

This was over a few weeks of traveling. We saw a L and XL large size in New Delhi, India at the Chanel boutique in the Imperial Hotel where we were staying.

We also found a L size Coco Cabas black patent one in Mexico City, Mexico. They're expecting more in over the next week.

Good luck searching!


Dec 18, 2006
Last week, the new CHANEL store in the Mall of America received two black vinyl cabas....the very last new from the CHANEL factory in New Jersey.

As far as I know they don't have a waiting list should one of the bags get returned.....


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
chanel factory? in NJ? omg,,,,chanel factory?
i shall volunteer to organize a road trip.....we could camp outside the factory, protesting the unavailability of the Coco Cabasas until, guilt stricken, the factory honchos come out and sell to us.....for $300 each (at the most!) ::dreamy-eyed smile::

for Xmas, i wish all of us who do not have our dream bag, to find one at a sale or out-of-the-blue...that serendipity-type occurrence that is so wonderful and happens when we least expect it! Like, a group of women, say, 50,000 or so, returning their Cocos (or any other that's a dream bag for you) because they are all going overseas to build Habitat for Humanity and will not possibly need the Cabases, Gucci Pelhams, Fendi Spys, Prada Cauffers, Reissues, etc etc! :wlae: