Party Watches!!!

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  1. hi ladies, i am looking to buy and in lovee with this beautiful watches, may i know what brand is this?

    i was thinking to by the patek phillipe Gondola Gemma as you can see on the 1st pic, then i saw these 2 pics on magazine omg...
    please let me know which one you like better and help me identify the brand on the 2nd n 3rd pic? Tia ladie

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  2. they look like cartier watches...
  3. they are cartier i second !
  4. thx u so mucchh my H buddies heuehue, i should have just post this threat on H forum :P
    may i know what is the name of this modell? and how much are they selling for? i really2 wanna get this watch :biggrin:

    bbbochap and lilach : which one will u choose if you r given these 2 choices, the cartier or the patek? or you have other options for me? :graucho:

    thx u so muchhh ladiess, reallly2 appreciated!
  5. bump, anyone? tia