Party Ideas?

  1. It's going to be that time of year again when it's cool, the leaves are changing and people crave a good bonfire. I know smores, hot dogs, and beer will be food of the evening, but I'd like to hear from you any great ideas to make this party a success! It will be my first "big" party at my house in the country. Thanks!
  2. That sounds FUN!! I want to come!
  3. with hot dogs, any party will be a success hehe. what about a THEME.
    cowboys and indians
    casino night
    hawaiian [my favourite hehe]
    black & white [fancy] [hosts wear bright colours?]
  4. I love giving parties! I give parties around every 2 months. In January I hostess a fabulous cocktail party to celebrate my pug dog's birthday.

    A few INEXPENSIVE tricks I use:

    *Hire waitstaff. Hire a college student. Pay her $8 an hour plus tip her and give her food to take home. Have her wear a white top w/ jeans. Give her a chef's apron to cover all. Don't let her drink.

    *Hire live music. Get a college student to play electric portable piano, classical guitar, harp, whatever. Live music is a total class act. Pay her $50 and give her food to take home.

    *Use real glass wine glasses and dessert plates. Rent them. Or do what I did: buy 3 dozen cheap from a restaurant supply co and share cost w/ a girlfriend. Whomever is hostessing a party gets all the goods. Storage is split.

    *Ask everyone to bring a limmerick. Give a few examples to get them started. "There once was a lady from Niger...." Limericks are totally fun and and a great feature at a party. Everyone hands them to you when they arrive. You read them in the middle of the party. I always ask for limericks about pugs when I hostess my annual pug Bday party.

    *Don't use plastic silver/flatware. Buy cheap flatware from Target, etc. MUCH classier.

    Have a ball!
  5. The answer to this is quite obvious.... You should invite ME! :nuts: