Parts of Leather Strap Peeling/Coming Up

Jun 11, 2009
hi all,

there are parts of the leather strap on my classic flap that are peeling/coming up. i've been finding it difficult to find a chanel flap that has the strap(s) made of one continuous piece of leather. i've found two "breaks" on my strap that are peeling back. i'd like to fix it before it gets worse.

can chanel fix this without having to send the bag out and have the strap replaced completely? if they send it out, do i have to pay for it? this is a brand new bag that hasn't been used yet. do they usually glue it back down? has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it? the classic flaps are difficult to find these days especially with the price increase fast approaching so i want to hang on to my flap and exchanging it probably won't be an option since they don't have any others in stock. your advice would be much appreciated! thanks!


Jul 17, 2010
If Chanel needs to repair something and its within the first year of purchase they will usually do the repair for free. The bad news is that you usually have to be willing to part with your bag for up to 6 weeks since Chanel repairs go back to Paris and Chanel repairs the bag themselves. Take it to the store that you purchased it from and they should be able to send it in for you.